IoT Business and Technology Simulator

By | January 30, 2017

IoT Connectivity TechnologiesMultiple IoT technologies are competing for dominance with no one solution fits all applications. Rather, application requirements, regulatory, and deployment constraints will favor one technology solution over another. This makes it imperative for IoT service providers, vendors and investors to make sound and knowledgeable technology and business model choices. To help in strategic decision making, we at Xona have developed a business and technology simulation software based on several years of providing advisory services in this space. The simulator will help crystallize the opportunity, warn of potential weaknesses and pose important questions to answer.

End-to-end IoT technology and business modelling software highlights:

  • Supports multiple technologies: LoRa, SigFox, RPMA, Weightless, WavIoT, LTE Cat-1, Cat-m1, and NB-IoT.
  • Supports multiple geographies & regulatory requirements: North America/FCC rules and Europe/ETSI rules.
  • Integrated network sizing tools for accurate dimensioning of radio access, core, Cloud, applications, and devices in different deployment models.
  • Business scenario analysis for user-settable deployment parameters including interactive analysis of the impact of different factors such as the type of coverage, type of service, revenue parameters, and many other parameters.

End-to-End IoT Business and Technology Simulator

Some of the questions we help answer using the simulator include:

  • How many gateways to deploy? Core hubs? IoT hubs?IoT Technology and Business Simulator
  • How will the cost of the network impact profitability?
  • How should I price my services?
  • What investment I need to raise?
  • What is the capital and operational expenditure?
  • Should I build or lease my core and cloud services?
  • How many years to breakeven?
  • What is the financial impact of serving indoor devices vs. outdoor only?
  • How does the cost of LoRa compare with SigFox, RPMA or NB-IoT, etc.?
  • How will royalties impact my profitability?
  • What business model to follow and price plans to provide?
  • What is the financial performance of a technology for the applications I seek to offer?

IoT Engagement TImelineBusiness case simulation results include the following:

  • Detailed summary of assumptions
  • Analysis of pricing vs. competition vs. cost
  • Network sizing and dimensioning: radio access, core and Cloud
  • Analysis of revenue projections
  • Financial projections
  • Revenue projections by different plans or services
  • Capital expenditures (access network, core network, cloud infrastructure)
  • Operating expenses (by category and detailed breakdown)
  • Operating metrics
  • Valuation summary (NPV, IRR, breakeven period)

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