Monthly Archives: December 2017

Blame it on the Internet!

Look at how well the price of Bitcoin correlates with its search trend. As Bitcoin raced to a record high nearing $20,000 earlier this month, so were the number of searches. We can see the same thing happening in 2013-2014 when a mini hype bubble developed focusing on narrow segments of people. Today’s hype bubble is more wide-spread and… Read More »

Xona eXponent Executive Workshops: AI and Blockchains

Xona Partners is providing two workshops on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchains. The workshops are tailored to help corporations develop understanding of these technologies and begin a process to evaluate and potentially implement solutions based on AI and blockchains. The workshop could be customized to address specific interests. Xona eXponent Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Xona eXponent Workshop on Blockchains… Read More »

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Transformation of Telcos

This past week, I had the pleasure to moderate a panel on digital transformation and to join my Artificial Intelligence-expert partners at Xona in conducting a workshop on AI at TMT Finance World Congress to a crowd of ecosystem professionals. It is ironic that an industry that is a catalyst to the transformation of many other industries is… Read More »