AI Investments Workshop: Xona eXponent Launched

By | October 9, 2017

Xona PartnersXONA AI Investments @TMT Finance in cooperation with TMT Finance, has launched its one-day executive workshop series: Xona eXponent. The workshop on November 28th in London, will be focused on AI Investment. The event features four Xona team members who have worked in the Automotive, Financial Services, and Telecom Infrastructure industries bringing cutting edge technology to life.

Recent estimates report that AI is a burgeoning industry, generating over $5 Billion USD in revenue in 2015, with industry experts expecting this to grow 4X to $20 Billion USD by 2020. In this session we will provide an overview of the industry, the top 10 AI market trends in 2017 and beyond, and how this wave of AI currently flourishing is different than previous boom-bust cycles of AI in the past.

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